Energy vampires : Be Positive.

The Peripatetic, omar eledamsheety, blogger, article about the positive people vs negative people

Negative People are vampires:

Some people have problems in mind and they are full of the negative energy ... They don't like to be different than the others but they can't escape from their negativity ... They believe that they are right and they should make us negative people like them ... The same idea of Vampires.

They spread their feelings as a poison to the air and push us to inhale it ... We can't stop breathing so if we let them do their conspiracy we will be poisoned.

Be Positive to survive:

You have no choice, be positive person or you will not survive ... It is not enough to ignore them ... You can't ignore them ... They are everywhere, at work, at home , walking around you in streets ... They are daily walkers ... The ordinary sun doesn't burn them ... Only the light comes from positive energy can burn those vampires.

Be positive to save your present and your future ... Turn on your positive energy generators and make the lights strong enough to frighten them so they stay far away from you.

Be hero and save the others:

You can only save yourself or you can be a hero and save the others ... If your positive energy is strong enough then you can fight them to save the others ... look up for the weak people who need your help and protect them from those vampires ... Teach those people how to increase their positive energy to protect themselves when they are alone ... Teach them how to spread their positive energy to protect other people so the army of positive people become large and strong enough to defeat the army of darkness.

The life is short so live it happily: 

Your life is short so why you live your life in sadness ... Smile, or try to smile ... Do your best to be happy ... You can do this by making friendships with optimistic people ... Love all good people ... Try to travel even for short distances just to see different places than yours ... Read good books, even one book per year ...  Buy a gift for yourself, the price is not the matter ... Play a game ... Watch a romantic movie ... Do any and every thing makes you happy and optimistic. 


Extraordinary vs ordinary people.

The Peripatetic, omar eledamsheety, blogger, article about the extraordinary people who can use their mind to control their body

Your mind can control your body and push it to do what is not possible logically to be done ... You could be an extraordinary person if you could mastering your mind.

No one know how exactly the mind can control the body ... The scientists say that the brain send electrical internal signals they are right ... but in some cases you will notice that this can't describe the way your body reacted to some actions which your eyes didn't see and your ears didn't hear.

Years ago I knew some people who could more their ears just like they move their fingers ... I didn't born with that ability ... In college, when I was 17 years old I had a colleague who could move his ears ... I was very interested to know how he could do it ... I tried many times but I couldn't ... I thought of that thing a lot and suddenly I did it ... yes I moved my ears ... I didn't born with that ability and after 17 years I gained that ability and I still have it till now and it became better than before ... My mind in some how control my body and pushed it to make as I wish.

I believe that I can do much more with my body when I will know how to control my mind.

If you have a real story about your mind and its secrets, please share it with us.

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Poems : The Lovely Business Woman

The Peripatetic, omar eledamsheety, blogger, a poem about my friend, a lovely and smart business from Romania

Every where she meets lovers.
Each one swears that he suffers.
With lovely laugh, comes at the end.
Tells me the story, I'm her best friend.

As a business woman, she is so hard.
Looks like gazelle, acts like leopard.
Her brain is sharp, her heart is cold.
She is a Samurai with the sharpest sword.

As birds, she loves to be free
She likes all flowers like a bee
When they say, you should marry
With a smile she replies, not in hurry 

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Poems : Snow on your door

The Peripatetic, omar eledamsheety, blogger, a poem about love and winter

Snow on your door.
Shining and so pure.
Same as your heart.
Which I'll never hurt.

Snow on your ground.
Sing with no sound.
Wind play the music.
Love needs no logic.

Snow will not stay forever.
It will travel to nearest river.
From snow we should learn.
You need to travel to reborn. 

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Poems : She Loves Me

The Peripatetic, omar eledamsheety, blogger, a love poem,

She loves me
The dream come true
My sun is shining
The black is now blue

She loves me, 
what should I do
It shouldn't be a secret
The world must know

She loves me 
I'll write a song
The moon plays music
and stars will sing

She loves me 
and so do I
We will ride a cloud 
and say goodbye. 

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Poems : My Best Friend

The Peripatetic, omar eledamsheety, blogger,a poem about friendship,

My lovely friend
Always busy
She leaves me alone
I will be crazy
Even for hi
She is so lazy

I can't complain
She is not my wife
She works so hard
To gain a good life
She opens her way
With a pocket knife

What can I do? 
I can't go away
I have to wait
I have to stay
She will be free
I'm sure someday

My best friend 
I can wait so long
I will wait for you
and write a song 

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